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Be Real. Define Happy. Keep Your Rockstars.

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I’m a coach, facilitator and learning strategist.  I have had the privilege of living and working around the world and bring a global perspective to my work in leadership development and talent management.  Living in the US, Austria, and Singapore, and working in 20+ countries has shaped how I look at the world and help me to be open to different points of view.  I believe respect that we are all people and curiosity go a long way to working effectively together.  I am passionate about developing others to be the best version of themselves.  My values drive how I live each day, especially authenticity, curiosity, courage, adventure, and learning.  I look forward to being in conversation with you!

My work boils down to working with clients, individuals and organizations, to be real, define happy, and keep your rockstars.  Learn more about what I mean on my blog: Be Real. Define Happy. Keep Your Rockstars.

Read more about me and my work at: www.rossassociates.com

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